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Our Annapolis Location


"My second summer as a member of Annapolis Boat Club was as great an experience as the first. The operators are terrific and are great people. The boats are always clean and in top notch condition. They make the launch and return easy and simple so we can maximize our time on the water. No comparison to other clubs around. Would highly recommend."

LynAnn Dippel




"Awesome club. Dan took great care of my family and I and totally under promised and over delivered. Highly suggest visiting Dan and his crew/club."

Jimmy Dunn




"Annapolis Boat Club is the best on the Chesapeake Bay. The new NauticStar boats, the marina amenities and the staff are all top notch. I highly recommend ABC to anyone considering an alternative to boat ownership. The staff is exceptionally knowledgeable about the local waters and the ideal destinations on and around the Bay."

Ryan Miller






"I love this service. Clean and fun boats with excellent service. It's the best way to go boating!!!"

Corey Johnson




"We joined the Annapolis Boat Club soon after it opened. We knew of Dan Somerville's reputation as an instructor and experienced boater. It has been a wonderful experience for us and opened up a whole new part of our lives. Dan's extensive knowledge of 30+ years on the Chesapeake has led us from having no boating experience to being very comfortable out on the water. Through the club, we now have an unlimited amount of opportunities to explore the Chesapeake and enjoy boating and fishing without the added expense of ownership and maintenance. We are also very excited over the continued investment of new boats that we will have access to next season. The Boat Club was a perfect fit for us and through Dan's dedicated support we will be enjoying the club with friends and family for years to come."

Jim Crum


Capt'n Dan is our go-to guy at the boat club. Always willing to help us out with any questions we've had about the boats, locations or amenities. A very friendly experienced staff.

Jake Wilkerson


Dan Somerville

General Manager