Annapolis Boat Club Membership vs. Boat Ownership

Affordable Solutions for Boat Enthusiasts

Having a membership to a Boat Club comes with many benefits and is often a better choice than ownership of a boat. Boating can be expensive, there is no doubt about it. However, with a Boat Club, membership is priced to where you get all the benefits of owning a boat without having any of the additional costs that come with owning a boat.

Benefits of a boating membership include:

  • Little to zero maintenance or upkeep costs
  • Maintenance, cleaning, and servicing included
  • Having access to a wide range of vessels and powerboats and sailboats

Being a part of a Boat Club gets you the opportunity to experience an entire port of boats at a reasonable and consistent cost. If you own a boat, there’s no telling when a part needs to be replaced; not to mention all the intricacies of regular cleaning and maintenance. By joining Annapolis Boat Club, you don’t have to worry about maintenance, cleaning, or part replacement because that’s what your membership pays for.

To take a deeper look at the benefits of a boating membership with Annapolis Boat Club, please call (443) 261-0741.


  • $3,500 One-Time Initiation Fee + $300/Month
  • Monthly Fees Start April 2018!

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